Domination and Femdom Phone Sex Sessions
2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


Toll Free Number: 800-356-6169

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Have you ever been given any respect in your entire, pathetic life? I can't believe you even think anyone could give a shit about you. You are a waste of a penis! A sorry excuse for a man! I've never seen a man less sexual than you!

You belong groveling at my feet you worthless slug. I'm wasting my time even communicating with you and you should be thanking me profusely! I am The Scarlet Mistress and could be spending my time on so many more valuable lives than yours. I have so many more important things I could be doing than staring down at your pathetic, tear filled eyes!

You know you want to tell me all of your embarrassing stories. Your life long let downs. The girls that have teased and tormented you throughout your life. Tell me all about it sugar. Tell Mistress Scarlet all the sad, sad stories you have to I can remind you of them over and over again!

Why can't you get up and be a man? Because you enjoy being on the floor where you belong? Because you know that all men are subservient to dominant women? That's right you inferior creature - bow before me, kneel before me, worship me as it should be!