Domination and Femdom Phone Sex Sessions
2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


Toll Free Number: 800-356-6169

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Hello there boys, I'm Empress Cassidy and you are here for my entertainment.

Maybe you're looking for a certain kind of humiliation or maybe you just know you are not a real man and don't deserve to be treated like one. Personally, I like to be amused and most of you are so fucking entertaining that humiliating you seems almost too easy. Those little itty bitty things you try to call cocks just make me laugh. Though they also really piss me off if we're going out on a date and I don't find out you have a very small penis until I've wasted time on you. Then I just can't be responsible for what I might do to you, or make you do for me.

I can promise you that anything we do will be amusing for me and incredibly humiliating for you. And as a lifestyle cuckoldress, I know all about teeny weenies and worthless men who can't satisfy a woman. For me small penis humiliation and cuckolding almost go hand in hand. After all, most of you know you aren't satisfying your wife and that's why she needs to go to a real man for sex. You know that your cock is worthless, but nothing really proves it to you like showing you a real man with a real cock. You get a clear view of the difference between you and him, especially when you have to stand side by side and look into the mirror to see just how lacking you every way. *giggle* It's just so much fun to listen as you go from denial to total acceptance of what you really are...