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Humiliation Stories and Essays - brought to you by LDW Group

One of the wonderful and beautiful Mistresses here at LDW was cool and generous enough to let me ask her some questions about her feelings about cuckolds and their place in her life. I’m sure you cuckies and cuckie-wanna-bes will LOVE hearing what she has to say about cuckold humiliation!

Soon, it was just me, Jackie and three other girls left at the party. “I think we should take this little gathering into my office.” And with that, Jackie led us into her workroom. The “office” was really Jackie’s sex dungeon. And me, well once she locked the door behind me, I was to become her cum-eating, humiliated sex slave.

The sexual world has always been one of many practices, excitements and flavors. From dressing up to spankings, there is something for everyone. An enjoyable and popular practice in that world of sexual adventure is sensual humiliation.

Normally, when I play with my pets, it’s one-on-one. Yes, I do have my cuckold slaves, where there are two guys involved, but that’s really only one “player” – the cuck. The Bull is there for me, and while they may enjoy being sucked by my fluffer, that Bull isn’t really there for the cuckolding part. And, on occasion, I have entertained couples, but she’s usually there so that I can show her how to dominate her submissive husband. But recently two of my submissive pets entertained me with some Bisexual Humiliation.

Many of the Mistresses here at the Enchantrix Empire love to mix humiliation in with masturbation. Read more about Ms. Christine's favorite ways to embarrass you with humiliation during masturbation.

When people hear the word humiliation used in reference to a sexual fetish, they tend to think of what is known as hardcore humiliation, verbal insults and the like, but not all humiliation is hardcore. Humiliation can also be very subtle and sensual; an incredible turn-on. Read more about why Sensual Humiliation is such a turn-on.

As a business owner, I’m always in charge. My dates, too, expect me to be in charge. But in the privacy of my home, or the bathroom stall at work when I’m jerking-off I fantasize about a hot-ass woman treating me like a dog, her bitch. The thought of a woman humiliating me or taunting me makes me cum every time. Who knew when I met Shane that my fantasy would become a reality? Read all about it in Strap-on Humiliation. Still excited about strap-on play, then read more about it in Humiliation with Strap-ons.

Do you remember the old “advice” for public speaking? Imagining the entire room naked or in their underwear? This is supposed to make the speaker less embarrassed and a little more calm. On the flip side of this, I am sure that you as well as most others have had the nightmare of standing before a room of peers, completely naked. Continue reading Public Humiliation Scenarios.

The two of them laughed at my tiny cock, locked up in its chastity device. Even though I was used to this sort of treatment from her, my cheeks flamed nonetheless at allowing another person to see the source of my embarrassment--embarrassment which quadrupled once I saw his cock. Continue reading Mistress' Cuckold Humiliation of Her Slave.

Have you ever wondered how to humiliate a male chastity slave? I'm sure there are lots of ways, but I'd like to tell you about my experience with it. Read all about it in Humiliation of a Male Chastity Slave.

The psychology of humiliation goes much deeper than a quick fap. Humiliation is a very basic human emotion, one that when properly exploited can take a humiliation slave to new heights of both submission and sexual arousal. Read more about The Psychology of Erotic Humiliation.

Over the years, humiliation slaves have typically started out fairly generic and “safe.” The catch to this is that over time they come to crave deeper and darker humiliation. They crave to have their limits pushed to the maximum. For many of these men, the ULTIMATE humiliation is very similar. Read more about it in The Ultimate Humiliation.

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We had to go to some fund raiser. I do not know what it was about, and frankly, I can not bring myself to give a rat's hairy ass. So I had to figure out a new way to amuse myself. And that was when I remembered some of my experimental days in college. I dated a man who loved it when a woman would humiliate him in public. Continue reading Bored Housewife Tries Public Humiliation.

I should have known things wouldn’t go as planned, after some of the obvious hints she dropped, but I had no idea our wedding day would turn out to be the most humiliating moment of my life. We’d rented a huge castle on a lake, so many rooms that all of our guests could stay over night and be there to enjoy the beauty of the grounds and get ready for the big event in a relaxed and glamorous atmosphere. It was her idea and when I saw the guest list with one of the new guys at work on there as a single, I had a feeling a slight memory of her flirting with him at the company Christmas party, but quickly put it out of my mind. Read more about My Wedding Day Humiliation.

After slowly removing all my clothes, I stood in the bedroom, nervously waiting for her to come out of the bathroom. It would be our first time together, after a few dates and while I’d been in this position many times, the moment she saw me naked - the first moment - is always the one I relish the most. It’s as though our whole relationship has been building up to the time when she will find out. My stomach tightens, cock getting harder, waiting and remembering the first time and how shocked I was by the intensity of the orgasm that followed. Read more about Why I Love Small Penis Humiliation.

Today was the much anticipated day. Today was the day that my new humiliation slave would finally arrive home, ready (or not) for the rollercoaster ride to come. Continue reading a Soldier's Story: Semper Fi Sissified.

Philip had, somewhat begrudgingly, decided to agree to the madness that was to ensue from this erotic humiliation game. He had stood before me, red with embarrassment and a rock-hard cock from just the thought of his femdom wife dominating him with erotic humiliation. Continue reading An Exploration of Humiliation: The Game Begins.

Everyone has a point in their marriage where things get...dull. We all become so enmeshed in our day-to-day lives that we forget all about that raw passion and spark that brought us together long before marriage and career. Read An Exploration of Humiliation: A Husband's Secret to find out how my husband and I found that spark again.

As many of you may have read, my husband and I went from living a very vanilla life of the everyday mundane routine to a more kinky lifestyle. Continue reading a Deeper Exploration of Humiliation.

Dear Mistress, I've completed the public humiliation task you assigned to me. Now, I'm writing to you to tell you how it went, as you instructed me to. I hope this letter pleases you. Continue reading Public Humiliation Assignment.

I have been “getting off” on humiliating people my entire life, if you wanted me to be completely honest. I have no real discriminatory qualifications for whom it is that I want to humiliate; some are simply easier victims of humiliation than others. Humiliation is tied to a plethora of human emotions that are often very conflicting emotions when experienced in conjunction with each other. This is what makes my life as a humiliation Mistress all the more interesting, as the delivery boy was soon to find out! Continue reading Delivery Boy's Descent into Humiliation Slavery part1.

I knew that I had the upper hand already in this situation as I stared as this once innocent delivery boy. God, he was so weak, and it only added fuel to the fire of how powerful I felt. He stood there frozen like a statue. Continue reading Delivery Boy's Descent into Humiliation Slavery part2.

I have a humiliation femdom. I know that sounds awkward, but that’s what I love to call her because she’s an expert in erotic humiliation. Secretly I call her the humiliating femdom if I’m pissed off at her and the exhilarating femdom if I’m happy with her. Either way, she is one woman that I couldn’t do without! Continue reading Why I Have a Humiliation Femdom.

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