Domination and Femdom Phone Sex Sessions
2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


Why I Have a Humiliation Femdom

I have a humiliation femdom. I know that sounds awkward, but that’s what I love to call her because she’s an expert in erotic humiliation. Secretly I call her the humiliating femdom if I’m pissed off at her and the exhilarating femdom if I’m happy with her. Either way, she is one woman that I couldn’t do without!

Obviously I love to be humiliated. I’ve figured out after many bad experiences that I just can’t go up to anyone, be in man or woman, and tell them that I have an erotic humiliation fetish. I mean, I once tried to get my girlfriend to let me “accidentally” show my tiny penis to her friends so they could all laugh. She didn’t think it was funny at all. So I knew in my early twenties that I would have to find another outlet for my humiliation fetish. I found myself a Mistress some twenty miles from my hometown. Finding her turned out to be the best thing I’d ever done just for myself. She promised to be discreet which was good because I would lose my job and probably be forced move somewhere else if love of humiliation was discovered. So I began spending any free time I had with her. She and I signed contracts that spelled out my expectations of our relationship and in return I agreed to serve and worship her as well as provide small financial gifts on a monthly basis.

My Secret Life

I worked out well for both of us. She laughed at my tiny penis and insisted on telling all her friends about me and my “teenie weenie peenie”. She and I lived out my cuckold fantasies but pretending to be a couple that go out looking for a lover for her. My lovely humiliation femdom thoroughly enjoyed finding the perfect guy for this task. The guy she chose was enthusiastic about his role in our little play. Last I heard the two of them had become actual lovers and were still together.

My relationship with my humiliation femdom lasted several years. But I had always known that it would have to end eventually. We ended it as friends and she help me find a suitable replacement. This time I decided to find a phone sex company that could provide my humiliation femdom. I did this for several reasons, not the least of which was privacy and convenience. There were a few times when I woke up late at my femdom’s house late on a Monday and had to race to get to work. I hated those times and was glad to find an acceptable alternative. Although I wasn’t happy about losing the physical aspect of having a humiliation femdom, there were many things to like about having my Mistress on the phone. Now I find that I rarely miss the differences.

Humiliation Mistresses Currently Available

Discovering Humiliation Femdom by Phone

As it happened, LDW was recommended to my Mistress by another of her clients. She did some research for me and told me that it was a good fit for me and my lifestyle and my fetish. I looked around the bios and blog pages and decided to email the Mistresses that I thought were the most interesting and seemed to know the most about erotic humiliation. They emailed me back and made me feel welcome at LDW.

I finally called one of them and we talked for a while. She seemed to know exactly what I wanted and needed from a Mistress and was more than happy to be my new humiliation femdom. I was so happy! Now I never have to worry that someone will find out about my secret life or that I’ll have to drive to my Mistress. Now my Mistress is a phone call away. I can show her my tiny cock on camera and hear her laughing as if she were in the same room with me. The fantasies that she tells me about how she would cuckold me are new and exciting. I make appointments with her so that I know she will be available for me when I call. I love to hear her laughing at me, so I had her do a custom audio for me of her laughing and calling me names. I love my new humiliation femdom and the freedom that my relationship with has given me. If you think that a humiliation femdom might be what you need, call the ladies at LDW as soon as you can!

Humiliation Mistresses Currently Available