Domination and Femdom Phone Sex Sessions
2.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+




New to Humiliation

Are you new to humiliation? Perhaps you've recently discovered that being brought down a peg or two is actually very arousing? Don't be embarrassed or ashamed. The fantasy of being humiliated is one that is common. It's important to explore not repress these feelings. Our Femdom Mistresses get inside your head and tease and torment you to your heart's delight. Whatever the fantasy, from small penis humiliation to public embarrassment, we can guide you through it.

Small Penis Humiliation

Have you got a small dick and have always listened to girls tell you it's not a big deal? Get the real scoop from our Mistresses who LOVE to tell the truth. Even if your penis is average sized or bigger, getting degraded for something you can't change is super hot. Our small cock humiliation phone sex sessions will make you feel embarrassed, ashamed and will make you so aroused you can't stand it.

Cuckold Humiliation

Does the thought of your spouse or partner screwing around on you turn you on? Cuckold fantasies are common for men but the added embarrassment that surrounds it can bring your fantasy up a notch. Maybe you do have a small penis and you aren't good enough for her. Or maybe she's just a wild slut who loves to get it from everyone but you. Explore these fantasies with a cuckold roleplay session. These fantasies can include you preparing your lover for her or even helping to clean up afterwards.

Public Embarrassment

Now be honest; have you ever had sex in public? What about if you were coerced to masturbate for a bunch of strangers? The fantasy of masturbating in public is deeply arousing. What if you were the only naked one in a crowd of women? CFNM humiliation fantasies are super hot. CFNM stands for clothed female, naked male. Imagine how embarrassing it would be to be coerced to masturbate in front of all those women, just staring at you and your cock. Our Mistresses can make this super hot sex dream come to life with our CFNM phone sex sessions.

Feminization Humiliation

I know you may be a big, strong man but what if you were coerced out in public in a skirt and heels? (And some red hot lipstick of course.) What an embarrassment! For many, feminization is something that cannot be explored in real life. Let our Mistresses guide you through this fantasy and let you live out every delicious moment with our feminization phone sex sessions.

At Humiliation Calls, our humiliation phone sex sessions will have you turning red!